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No Job Too Big For B9

19 February 2015
No Job Too Big For B9
Over the past two years B9 has been making a concerted push into the high end additional services needed by wind farm owners; above and beyond the bread and butter work of site operations and maintenance. This has seen investment in skills, personnel and specialised equipment to serve these varied demands, with each job having its own unique characteristics requiring dedicated planning and a creative approach to problem solving. One such task arose recently when a complete rotor was to be taken down and the blades removed for transport offsite. This was a first for the team and so the task included identifying tooling solutions necessitating the in-house design, manufacture and certification of specialist heavy lifting tools. By designing these in-house, enhancements were made to make the task easier, with hydraulics built into the Hub Stand, meaning the blades could be pitched in a controlled manner when the rotor was at ground level. A detailed procedure for the task was prepared and all tooling put in place. With weather conditions ideal, the lift proceeded. The maincrane was positioned and the Hub lifting Yoke attached in preparation for the lift. Once the attachment bolts were removed, the rotor was slowly moved away from the nacelle. The rotor was then lowered carefully to the point when the downward facing blade was just above the ground. A second crane was then used to turn the rotor from vertical to horizontal for positioning onto the Hub Stand. Once on the stand the blades were individually removed from the hub and loaded onto the transport truck. This task also demonstrates the willingness of the team to solve difficult tasks by taking the ‘No Job too Big’ approach and by harnessing the knowledge within the group to provide a successful outcome.
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